Our Mines Development

The mine development methods currently used are:
1.Adit Development
2.Adit jointly with Blind Inclined Shafts

  • The main portal is set at the +1,125m leveland includes the main adit, PD68
  • The main portal is 2,000m longwith other dimensions of 2.2m in width by 2.0m in height
  • A steel rail of 12kg/m weight is used for CJ16 diesel powered locomotives and 0.9m³ rail cars
  • A newly developed adit is set at the same level as the old one. The new adit has dimensions of 2.5m in widthby 2.5m in height,which is used for increasing production capacity
  • The ore and waste rocks are also transferred to the surface through the PD68 adit

Mining Method

There are three mining methods adopted by Taizhou Mining based on the thickness and dip of the ore bodies, and the mining technical conditions. The mining methods include the following:

Full Shrinkage Stoping

Use for area of the mine where the dip of orebody is less than 50°

Short-hole Shrinkage Stoping with Sill Pillar

Used for area of the mine where the orebody thickness is greater than 4m and the dip is greater than 50°

Short-hole Shrinkage Stoping without Sill Pillar

Used for areas of the mine where the orebody thickness is less than 4m and the dip is greater than 50°

Waste rocks are generally removed from the mine by the same locomotive and rail cars used for ore transport. The waste-rock cars are tipped by hand onto the waste rock dump. The cars containing ore are tipped onto the ore dumping site which enables manual selection of larger waste rocks

Mineral Exploration, Mine Development And Ore Mining Activities

During 2017, Taizhou Mining mainly completed certain mining development projects, including the excavation of approximately 4,788 meters of various tunnels, excavation of approximately 383 meters of slope supporting, excavation of approximately 575 meters of ore chute as well as excavation of approximately 1,436 meters for track laying and ditches

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